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Voxmachina SIGMA Function / Ramp Generator

Voxmachina SIGMA Function / Ramp Generator

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Current Draw

+12V : 19mA
-12V : 7mA
+5V: 0mA


Width: 8 HP
Height: 3 U
Depth: 33 mm

Brand: Voxmachina

A modern approach to the Serge ramp generator, provides v/oct control and is also oscillating by default unless something is connected to the trigger/input channel, provides multiple outputs, BP, DC and AC coupled outputs, also EOC and !EOC outputs, when self patched for example from AC output into CV input can be used to modulate curve to be linear or exponential, also provides a switch to change modulation target to be ramp rise, both or ramp fall.

Demo Video

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