Siam Modular began in 2018 in the northernmost region of Thailand, founded by Pete, a UK-born music producer and electronics enthusiast. Moving to Chiang Mai in 2012, Pete recognised Thailand as an innately creative country with a vibrant and varied scope of music and the arts. He became involved in the local electronic music scene and established Siam Modular to become one of Southeast Asia's leading manufacturers and authorities in Eurorack synthesizers.

Under Pete's direction, Siam Modular introduced the acclaimed Takaab range of modules. His commitment to innovation, quality, and affordability ensures every product we create supports the artistic journey of electronic musicians, sound designers and producers, and has helped garner international recognition for Siam Modular, making modular synthesis more accessible worldwide.

At our core, we believe in the power of community. Siam Modular is not just about synthesizers; it's about bringing together individuals who share a passion for music and creativity. Our approach is experimental, boundary-pushing, and above all, community-oriented.

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