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Takaab VC-EG - Voltage Controlled Looping ADSR Envelope Generator

Takaab VC-EG - Voltage Controlled Looping ADSR Envelope Generator

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Current Draw

+12V : 40mA
-12V : 30mA
+5V: 10mA


Width: 12 HP
Height: 3 U
Depth: 36 mm

Brand: Takaab by Siam Modular

The VC-EG is a full-featured voltage controllable ADSR envelope generator with optional looping mode in 12HP. The module is digital at its core, based on the fantastic ENVGEN8 chip by Electric Druid.

There are three modes of use:
In LFO mode the module loops constantly through the 4 stages of the envelope regardless of any gate input (release happens as soon as the decay drops down to the sustain level). In this case the A, D, S, R and Time controls/cvs alter the frequency and waveshape of the the cycle, making it a fairly powerful, uni-polar voltage controlled LFO, capable of frequencies up to 300Hz

GATE mode is the same as LFO mode but only loops while a gate is being received.

EG is the normal 1-shot ADSR mode, reacting to a standard gate input. While in EG mode, it can be temporarily switched into GATE mode by inputting a separate gate into the 'Mode input'. It is possible to turn on glitchy, ratcheting effects for certain notes using this feature and it works very well if you simultaneously modulate one or more of the other parameters, such as 'Time'.
All parameters (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Master Time and Level) are controllable via attenuateable CV inputs and respond to CVs of between -5v to +5v dependent on where the parameter's master knob is adjusted to.

Attack, decay, and release parameters range from a very snappy 1ms up to over 10 seconds.

The Hard/Soft toggle switch adds an extra 5ms flat stage between Attack and Decay whilst set to 'Hard'.

This gives some extra punch, most noticeable on shorter, snappy sounds.
The output is switchable between linear and exponential envelope shapes.

Size: 6cm x 128.5cm x 5.3cm.

Package contents: 1x module, 1x 16 pin power cable, 4x M3 screws, Gate bus jumper.

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