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Takaab Ribcage - 6U*84/104hp Rubberwood Eurorack Rack Case

Takaab Ribcage - 6U*84/104hp Rubberwood Eurorack Rack Case

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Our 'Takaab Ribcage' open-rack case is an excellent gateway into the eurorack world. Crafted from eco-friendly rubber wood, CNC cut then hand finished, stained and lacquered, the Ribcage gives 2 rows (6U) of either 84hp or 104hp of space for your modules.

Optionally powered with the Takaab Core & Plexus system which supplies 1.2A on both the +12v and -12v rails. A separate step down (included) gives +5v powered from the +12v rail.

Designed specifically for studio/home use, the Ribcage is an open case with plenty of ventilation. It can be used in 2 ways - sitting in a console type, desktop position or flipped around and stood up in a vertical position.

** Please note, cases are built to order. this usually takes 1 week but can take up to 4 weeks. We recommend contacting us before purchasing if time is an issue **

* Pictures illustrate the 84HP version *

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