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Takaab MIX v2 - Three Channel AC/DC Mixer

Takaab MIX v2 - Three Channel AC/DC Mixer

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Current Draw

+12V : 15mA
-12V : 15mA
+5V: 0mA


Width: 6 HP
Height: 3 U
Depth: 31 mm

Brand: Takaab by Siam Modular

A basic but useful 6HP three channel powered mixer for your Eurorack Synthesizer. Use to sum and attenuate either voltages or audio signals.

3 attenuatable inputs, 2 (duplicate) outputs.


Jumping the header on the back of the module pads the output by -6dB in case you want to use the MIX as an output module.


MIX version 2 can be expanded with up to three Takaab MIX-X modules adding an extra three channels per module.

Package contents

1x mixer module, 1x 10-16 pin power cable, 2x M3 screws, 1x jumper.

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