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Takaab EG + EG-CVX Voltage Controlled ADSR Envelope Bundle

Takaab EG + EG-CVX Voltage Controlled ADSR Envelope Bundle

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Current Draw

+12V : 50mA
-12V : 30mA
+5V: 0mA


Width: 12 HP
Height: 3 U
Depth: 36 mm

Brand: Takaab by Siam Modular

Takaab EG and EG-CVX expander at 13% off the usual total for the two modules.

The Takaab EG is a full-featured ADSR envelope generator with looping mode in 6HP, expandable to be fully voltage-controllable by adding the EG-CVX expander module. The EG is digital at its core, based on the fantastic ENVGEN8 chip by Electric Druid. The Takaab EG and EG-CVX together replace and expand on the function of our discontinued VC-EG module.


'GATE Bus' jumper on the EG normalises the gate bus from your eurorack power distribution to the Gate input of the EG.

'CV IN RULES' jumpers on the CVX allow the user to set the behavior/conditioning of the CV for each parameter as it enters the module. Jumping two pins means any CV will clip at 5v, anything higher will be ignored. Omitting the jumper means the CV will be scaled down to 50% so that the parameter will react to CVs of up to 10v.


Remove any jumpers from the EG-CVX port of the EG module. Use the supplied 20pin 2.54mm pitch IDC cable to connect the EG-CVX with the Takaab EG ONLY. The cable connects pin 1 to pin 1 and so on, so the red line of the ribbon cable should be at the bottom on both modules, with no twist in the cable. The EG-CVX draws it's power from the EG via the expansion cable.

Package Contents

2x module, 1x 16 pin power cable, 1x 20 pin expander cable, 4x M3 screws, 6x CV rules jumpers, 1x gate bus jumper, 6x expander port jumpers.

Sizes: 3cm x 128.5cm x 5.3cm / 3cm x 128.5cm x 6.4cm.

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