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Takaab Core & Plexus - Complete Eurorack Power Solution

Takaab Core & Plexus - Complete Eurorack Power Solution

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A complete power solution for eurorack synthesizers comprising of:
1x 2.5A 15VAC line lump power supply
1x TAKAAB CORE +/- 12V regulator board
2x TAKAAB PLEXUS 14-way power bus boards
2x Interconnects (not pictured)
1x TAKAAB +5 voltage step-down

No fixing screws are supplied, but the boards are drilled for M3 screws and a minimum of 3mm standoff from the mounting surface is required.

Max Output Current +12V: 1100mA
Max Output Current -12V: 1100mA
Noise & Ripple +12V: < 80mV @ 1A
Noise & Ripple -12V: < 80mV @ 1A

(Note: The Takaab +5 takes its power from the +12v rail, theoretically up to 1A although a larger heatsink may be required for high power applications).

When using this power supply consistently close to its limits (around 1A per rail) it is highly advised to use a well-ventilated case or a case with lots of space to dissipate heat. Leave a few cm of space between Core’s heatsinks and any module or anything sensitive to heat as the heat sinks can get to around 80°C when the system is pushed hard.

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