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Takaab 2VCA v1 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier

Takaab 2VCA v1 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier

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Current Draw

+12V : 36mA
-12V : 16mA
+5V: 0mA


Width: 3 HP
Height: 3 U
Depth: 36 mm

Brand: Takaab by Siam Modular

The Takaab 2VCA is an affordable dual linear voltage controlled amplifier in 3HP, based on the LM31700 chip. In contrast to our existing VCA-2180, the 2VCA has a near linear response, is pre-offset to be normally closed, and best of all there are two of them!
A positive voltage applied to the CV input will amplify any signal put through the 2VCA at more-or-less unity gain. So a +/-5V audio signal will be amplified to 5V if there is a +5V applied to the CV input. The 2VCA is DC coupled so it can be used to amplify voltages as well as audio signals.

We've compromised a little to allow for differences in power supplies while avoiding the need for the user to trim the zero-point on installation. This means with CVs under 0.5-1V it may not be too responsive, and conversely a 10V CV may amplify a 5V signal signal to slightly over 10 volts. This still makes for a nice responsive VCA with little setup time, at a great price.

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