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Takaab 2ATV - Dual Attenuverter (Attenuator / Inverter)

Takaab 2ATV - Dual Attenuverter (Attenuator / Inverter)

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Current Draw

+12V : 25mA
-12V : 25mA
+5V: 0mA


Width: 4 HP
Height: 3 U
Depth: 26 mm

Brand: Takaab by Siam Modular

The Takaab 2ATV is a simple and affordable DC coupled dual attenuverter module in 4HP.

With a signal (either audio/CV/clock/etc.) at the IN jack, it won't output anything with the main knob in the center position, but turning it clockwise will amplify the the signal from 0 to 100% (unity gain) at the fully clockwise position. Inversely, moving the knob anti-clockwise will amplify an inverted version of the signal until it reaches negative unity gain at the fully anti-clockwise position.

The BIAS control mixes in a positive or negative offset voltage ranging either +/-5V or +/-10V depending on a jumper on the board. With no input signal or with the attenuate knob in the center position, the BIAS control can be used to output a manual +/-5V or +/-10 control voltage.

To invert logic signals such as clocks or gates set the attenuverter knob fully anti-clockwise and set the bias to around +5V. In this configuration the 2ATV is essentially a NOT gate.

The bi-colour LED indicates the output voltage with Green being positive and Red being negative. The LED can also help to find the 0 position of the BIAS control: To do this, without any signal set the BIAS so that the LED has no colour.

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