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ซื้อ TAKAAB SMULTI 1U Switched Passive Multiple (Black, Pre Assembled, 12hp) ออนไลน์

TAKAAB SMULTI 1U Switched Passive Multiple

This passive module works as a 1 in 6 out multiple or as two smaller multiples. Any signal or voltage put into the top input will be split between the 6 outputs of the module. When a signal or voltage is added into the lower input, this creates two separate multiples - So the top input is then split between the top three outputs, and the lower input is split between the bottom 3 outputs.

As this is a passive module, expect some drop in level. However, it is still useful for most applications where a 1v/oct signal does not need to be maintained over a wide range.

Intellijel format 1U tile

Size: (1U x 12HP) 60.9mm x 39.6mm x 18mm.

Module depth: 1.4cm.

Package contents: 1x module, 4x M3 screws.

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Module Depth: 
Power Required: 
THB 590.00