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ซื้อ TAKAAB SMIX 1U - Switching/Dual Passive Mixer (Black, Pre Assembled, 12hp) ออนไลน์

TAKAAB SMIX 1U - Switching/Dual Passive Mixer

This passive module works as a 6 in 1 out mixer or as two smaller mixers. Any signals or voltages put into the inputs of the module will be mixed and output from the bottom out. When a jack is inserted into the output of the top row, this creates two separate mixers - So the top inputs are mixed and output from the top out, while the lower inputs are mixed and output from the lower out.

As this is a passive module, it is not unity gain so expect a drop in level of all inputs as each extra signal is inputted. despite this, it is a useful module for mixing audio signals or summing control voltages where accuracy is not of importance.

1x "6 in 1 out" mixer OR 2x "3 in 1 out" mixer

Intellijel format 1U tile

Size: (1U x 12HP) 38.6mm x 39.6mm x 18mm.

Module depth: 1.4cm.

Package contents: 1x module, 4x M3 screws.

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Module Depth: 
Power Required: 
THB 730.00