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Takaab 2NON-1U Passive Dual ON-OFF-ON Switch

Takaab 2NON-1U Passive Dual ON-OFF-ON Switch

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Current Draw

+12V : 0mA
-12V : mA
+5V: 0mA


Width: 12 HP
Height: 1 U
Depth: 14 mm

Brand: Takaab by Siam Modular

Takaab 2NON features two ON-OFF-ON switches which can be used either way round. This allows the user to switch between two inputs (or neither in the center position) routing to the common output, or conversely routing one input to either of two outputs (or neither).

Intellijel format 1U tile
Size: (1U x 12HP) 60.9mm x 39.6mm x 26.6mm.
Module depth: 14mm.
Package contents: 1x module, 4x M3 screws.

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