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ซื้อ TAKAAB 3LFO - 3 Low Frequency Oscillators Eurorack Synthesizer Module (Black, Pre Assembled, 6hp) ออนไลน์

TAKAAB 3LFO - 3 Low Frequency Oscillators Eurorack Synthesizer Module

3 variable LFOs of varying frequency ranges in one handy 6HP eurorack module. LFO 1 is the fastest with LFOs 2 and 3 being slower by a factor of 10 and 100 respectively. Each oscillator outputs both square(ish) and triangle waves.

Approximate frequency ranges:
LFO 1: 4 ms (250hz) - 0.76 seconds
LFO 2: 40ms (25hz) - 7.6 seconds
LFO 3: 0.4 seconds (2.5hz) - 76 seconds

2 outputs per LFO (square* wave and triangle wave).
Size: 3cm x 128.5cm x 5.5cm.
Runs off +/-12v standard eurorack power supply.
Package contents: 1x module, 1x 16 pin power cable, 2x 3M screws.

Module Depth: 
Power Required: 
60mA @ +12v | 60mA @ -12v | 0mA @ +5v


By Ebay Customer on

This module has some limitations, but you need to remember that it doesn't cost much!

Each of the LFOs has a different range of speeds with the top one being either audio rate or the kind of speed you would use for vibrato, the bottom one doing slow modulation and the middle one somewhere in between. The saw tooth is useful as a modulation source and the pulse makes a useful clock.

The main downside is that the voltage range is not very high only going a couple of volts above and below zero. This means that you come across the occasional module that won't accept the pulse as a clock/trigger. The upside to this is that you can sometimes get away without attenuating the triangle wave when you normally would have to attenuate other LFOs.

Overall this is very good value for money and gives you 3 LFOs in a small space. There are definitely better modulation sources than this but they will cost more and take up more space in the rack.

By Ebay Customer on

Good value modules from this company

By Ebay Customer on

Great little triple LFO, three different speeds makes it quite unique but very useful