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ซื้อ AS3340 VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator IC (CEM3340 clone) ออนไลน์

AS3340 VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator IC, DIP (CEM3340 clone)

The AS3340 chip is Alfa’s modern equivalent of the famous CEM3340 voltage-controlled oscillator.

It provides Ramp, Pulse/Square, and Triangle outputs, has inputs for oscillator sync, is temperature compensated and stable, and provides excellent 1V/Oct tracking. It’s everything you need from an analog oscillator, on one chip. There hasn’t been a better design than the 3340.

Note there are some small differences between the AS3340 and the original CEM3340 specifications. Eg: Alfa recommend a 51K resistor on the pulse output in place of the 10K resistor that the CEM3340 used. There seem to be some subtle differences between the Alfa chips and CEM originals, particularly with respect to pulse width. If repairing a vintage synth, we recommend using reissue CEM3340s rather than Alfa AS3340s.

THB 300.00
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