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ซื้อ 3x Eurorack Prototyping Board (Black, PCB Only) ออนไลน์

3x Eurorack Prototyping Board

We developed these for prototyping in the Siam Modular workshop; it's is a protoboard that matches the layout of a standard breadboard whilst also fitting nicely into a 14U space on your eurorack system.

The breadboard layout has rails for +12V, -12V and +5V which connect to the power inlet. At the power stage there are component footprints for one series component and two rail-to-ground-components per rail for your protection and filtering components. The CV and Gate bus rails also run up the center of the board.

On the front of the board there are footprints for two toggle switches (1x 3pin and 1x 3/6pin) as well as 8 universal footprints designed to take either a vertical potentiometer or Thonkikon jack socket.

1 set includes three boards.

COLOUR: Matt Black

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THB 300.00