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ซื้อ AS3320 VCF Voltage Controlled Filter IC, DIP (CEM3320 clone) ออนไลน์

AS3320 VCF Voltage Controlled Filter IC, DIP (CEM3320 clone)

The AS3320 is a high performance voltage-controlled four-pole filter modeled on the CEM3320, with on-chip voltage-controllable resonance. It can be configured as a lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or all pass filter. It has an exponential (V/Oct) frequency control input which can cover more than ten octaves with little control voltage feed-through. The Resonance CV allows control of the resonance from zero to low distortion oscillation. For more demanding applications, further trimming can improve control voltage rejection. Each filter section is fully temperature compensated and has consequent low warm-up drift.

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